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I remember hearing a joke about a guy with a tiny dick going to a brothel and when he undressed the prostitute bitchily asked “and who do you think you’re going to satisfy with that little thing?” he responded with confidence and without hesitation: “well, me of course!”. And you simply can not fault that.

As a guy who’s is actually turned off a bit by humiliation some of the scenes of this site isn’t great for me but I find myself a little conflicted as I do enjoy the seduction parts and the girls taking advantage of the guys and ultimately pleasing them.

I do believe this to be quite a popular niche though, not nearly as fringe as I originally thought and for those of you a fan of this site or this genre you can get this 72% off discount to PureCFNM by following that link.

Alternatively you can check out where every niche and genre under the sun, well pretty much, is represented and all of them have some special deal or another that you can benefit from.

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